Dream Big Dream Often (Byron Easterling)

Dream Big Dream Often


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Byron writes like he talks. In his first book, Dream Big Dream Often, Byron tell his story, invites us into a conversation, leads us into a dialog to become more aware of our own dreams and desires.

Byron was living in obligation as a way of life that had to change. It was time for transformation! In order to see this happen, he knew it would involve a process that would alter how he thought, how he saw life, and how he pursued God. We have been given permission to dream. We have been given favor in our lives, but the Father is waiting for us to partner with Him to see the fulfillment of our destiny. It is not enough to know our desires, we must appropriate them. As you dream bigger than you have ever imagined, you will gain new understanding, conquer new giants and take new land.

Byron Easterling
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