12 Windows on Orthodoxy in Finland (Pekka Arvola, Tuomas Kallonen (Edited))


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The Orthodox Church is a minority church in Finland, but has succeeded in establishing its ancient traditions of Eastern Christianity as a valued part of the country’s culture. This magnificently illustrated volume opens up windows on the everyday life of the Finnish Orthodox Church, its spirituality and its history.

The book speaks to us with the voice of a truly multicultural church. The contributors include people who have been Orthodox from childhood and people who have joined the church as adults, laymen and members of the clergy, native-born Finns and immigrants.

12 Windows on Orthodoxy in Finland is written in the form of a travelogue, a tour round the Orthodox Finland of the 21st century. We set out from the heart of Finnish Orthodoxy, in Karelia, pay visits on the way to multicultural urban parishes, call in on the Skolt Saami in Lapland and make pilgrimages to refresh ourselves in the prayerful silence of the Monastery of Valamo and the Convent of Lintula.

12 Windows is intended for Orthodox and non-Orthodox readers alike, for all those who wish to delve more deeply into the earthy and spiritual life of a minority Orthodox Christian community.

Pekka Arvola, Tuomas Kallonen (Edited)
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